General Metrics

About General Metrics

Explore a comprehensive snapshot of trial performance with General Metrics, offering insights into trial status and effectiveness. General metrics provides detailed breakdowns of trial statuses and top trial creators, empowering you with valuable insights for optimizing trial management.

Accessing the General Metrics Page

Access the General Metrics page by selecting General under the Metrics tab.

Total Trials

This section provides an overview of the total number of trials within the selected timeframe filter, along with their respective statuses (pending, active, expired, converted, disabled).

Umbrella and Secure Endpoint Metrics

These sections give a detailed overview of the total number of trials under Umbrella and Secure Endpoint and their statuses. You can glean additional insights about trials due to expire within a week, trials not logged into, and trials associated with logged-in customers.

Each row can be expanded to derive information segregated by customer.

Top Trial Creators

In this section, you can find information about top trial creators represented by users and the total number of trials they created.

This section presents data on the top trial creators, represented by users, along with the total number of trials they have created.