Secure Endpoint Metrics

About Secure Endpoint Metrics

Explore comprehensive insights into Secure Endpoint trial performance with Secure Endpoint metrics, providing detailed analyses of trial health and feature usage. Secure Endpoint metrics offer a deep dive into trial summary metrics, including health categories, connector deployment status, and compromise data. Additionally, gain visibility into weekly feature usage to optimize trial management strategies effectively.

Accessing the Secure Endpoint Metrics Page

To access the Secure Endpoint Metrics page, navigate to the Metrics tab and select Secure Endpoint. Alternatively, if already on the General Metrics page, selecting the title in the Secure Endpoint section redirects you to the Secure Endpoint Metrics page.

Summary Metrics

This section provides insights into all Secure Endpoint trials, offering a summary of metrics organized by organization:

  • Trials by Health Category: Indicates the distribution of trials across health categories—normal, at risk, and bad.

  • Number of Connectors: Displays the count of deployed and not deployed connectors, offering visibility into the deployment status of all connectors within the trials.

  • Number of Compromises: Presents data on new, open, in-progress, and resolved compromises within the trials.

Weekly Feature Usage

This section displays the number of customers utilizing specific features within the specified period, presenting data for the past four weeks.