Umbrella Metrics

About Umbrella Metrics

Discover comprehensive insights into Umbrella trial performance with Umbrella Metrics, providing detailed analyses of deployment health and security effectiveness. Umbrella metrics offer a deep dive into trial deployment status, including organizational and total deployment health, deployment status, and security summary metrics.

Accessing the Umbrella Metrics Page

To access the Umbrella Metrics page, navigate to the Metrics tab and select Umbrella. Alternatively, if already on the General Metrics page, selecting the title in the Umbrella section redirects you to the Umbrella Metrics page.

Deployment Health

This metric provides insights into the deployment health status of active trials, which are divided into Organizational Deployment Health and Total Deployment Health, enabling effective assessment of trial deployment quality.

Organization deployment health metrics indicate the total number of active organizations using trials, facilitating assessment of trial deployment effectiveness and quality. This section includes the following metrics:

  • Networks (Organizations with Networks)

  • Roaming Computers (Organizations with RCs)

  • Virtual Appliances (Organizations with VAs)

Total deployment health metrics reveal the total number of hosts where trialed applications were deployed. Offering insights into the total resources and active resources deployed, this section comprises metrics for:

  • Total Networks

  • Total Roaming Computers

  • Total Virtual Appliances

Deployment Status

This section provides a snapshot of the deployment status of all active trials, including trial names, active/inactive networks, active/inactive roaming clients, and the health status of virtual appliances.

Security Summary

These metrics offer insights into the number of requests within all Umbrella trials in each organization, allowing assessment of security product effectiveness.

Metrics are presented by organizations, categories, and destinations, detailing total requests, security blocks, and the percentage of blocked requests.